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Are Top Recruiters Always Top Earners?

This past week, I had a wonderful conversation with a top earner in a fast growing network marketing company, named Laura. Laura is actually part of a small elite group of top producers, who recently started working with my mentoring company to help take their business building efforts online and supplement the incredible success they’ve had offline. As […]

Am I Worth Duplicating?

“A woman who walks in PURPOSE doesn’t have to chase PEOPLE or OPPORTUNITIES. Her LIGHT causes PEOPLE and OPPORTUNITIES to PURSUE her.” – Anon. Click to Tweet  Today we’re exploring this question… Am I worth duplicating?    First… I want to encourage you… you have to embrace your own unique journey. You can change the course […]

#LearnOutLoud… Stepping Into Leadership

“She is strong.” – Isaiah 40:31 Click to Tweet Today I’m sharing 5 top tips for stepping into leadership. My friend Jen shared this with me recently and it was too good not to share. Are you ready? Got your notepad and pen ready? Voice app and the notes section of your phone? Alright, let’s dig right in… 1) Don’t […]

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