Productivity Hacks: 7 Simple Steps to Batching your Way to Efficiency – Susan Komoto

Productivity Hacks: 7 Simple Steps to Batching your Way to Efficiency

TODAY I wanted to share another productivity hack that helps me to be productive within my business so that I can:
1) effectively support my family with it, and
2) arguably most importantly, so that I can complete what I need to complete and get back to focusing on my family (or whatever is most important to you).

As for me, my faith, and my family are my top priorities; so having a solid system in place helps me to complete my ABC’s efficiently so I can get back to my XYZ’s. My XYZ… my faith, family, and homeschooling… is what drives me to succeed every day, so that I can a good steward of the time, resources, talent, and tiny humans I’ve been blessed with, and to show those tiny humans that with consistent hard work they can achieve anything they want. And another perk of running my businesses from wherever we may be, around them, is that I don’t have to miss a single moment. 🙂

The past few weeks I’ve been sharing tiny nuggets with you… different productivity methods that can help you in your business. Of course there is so much more to a business then simply being productive because you have to know which activities to focus on for your specific business, but once you’ve identified those activities with the help of a mentor/coach/business partner, being able to focus on them effectively will help you truly build the life and business that you crave.

And today’s nugget is… batching… and no we’re not talking about cookies, although my sweet babes would be totally down for knocking out a few dozen of their favorite recipes in one morning. Yum!!

Batching is essentially smart time management. It’s where you maximize your concentration over short periods of time, while minimizing your distractions at the same time, so you can focus on one completing one specific task and everything associated with it.

It works in any industry, with a variety of tasks (for me, to name a few, it’s content creation, communicating with customers, partners, mentees, and prospects), and instantly boosts productivity in your day to day tasks so you can truly enjoy the entrepreneur lifestyle.

It works because it we aren’t wasting precious brain power rapidly switching back and forth between tasks. It allows your brain to “get in the zone” and effectively focus on that ONE thing or that ONE group of things.

“We all have the same 24 hours in a day… if you say you don’t have time, you don’t have priorities. That’s it.” ~ Tim Ferris

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Enter the time audit. The first of many tools in my productivity arsenal (we’ll touch on the others later).

If I was going to loose the ability to wok undisturbed for a few hours each week without fear of my children’s burning the house down or running down the street naked (hey… it happens) then I was going to have to assess how I was using my time and if those efforts were providing the results I required to reach my goals.

I personally use a simple spreadsheet (or you could use a notebook or app or whatever suits your preferences) to track all of my activities from wake to sleep, every day for a set amount of time. It only takes a matter of minutes every day, and at the end of that time frame I can easily assess whether or not my activities are supporting or hindering my goals.

“People think focus means saying yes to the thing you've got to focus on. But that's not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully. I'm actually as proud of the things we haven't done as the things I have done. Innovation is saying no to 1,000 things.” ~ Steve Jobs

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Batching allows me to frontload my week, so I can complete a weeks worth of work in one morning, which frees my schedule up so I am fully focused on homeschooling my kids the rest of the week. Throw in a short round of batching on Friday morning, and I am free to focus on my family on the weekends. BOOM.

7 simple steps to Batching your way to efficiency:

1. Create 2-4 hour blocks of time. Hire someone to help you watch kids/dog/etc, if needed.

2. Identify your specific tasks (think back to the 80/20 rule from a few weeks ago) and how long they take to complete. Look at your list of to-dos and goals and identify… which of them would make the rest of them unnecessary? Set specific goals (4 blog posts in 2 hours, 100 contacts by 2pm).

3. Schedule it on your calendar and commit to NOT moving them and NO procrastinating.

4. Remove all distractions. Put your phone on silent. Turn off your notifications. Say goodbye to Social Media. If you’re at coffee shop, wear your headphones to keep well-intended locals from striking up conversations with you about the rise and fall of Steve Nicks (true story… his opinions, not mine).

5. Be organized. Make sure you have all the materials you need ahead of time… paper, pen, laptop, headphones, chargers for electronics, healthy snacks, water/coffee/tea, motivational music (typically without lyrics is best as they can distract you).

6. Plan out your batching as far in advance as you can. I personally work a week to a month or more in advance, depending on the activity.

7. Keep batching! Don’t stop. Find your rhythm. Free yourself to enjoy that lifestyle that caused you to start working for yourself in the first place. Own your time. Be your CEO.

So… what about you? How will you use batch your tasks, and which tasks will you complete, to create massive productivity in your business/life, etc?

I hope you found this helpful. If so, please like, comment, or share with those you feel may benefit from hearing this.

AND if there is an area YOU want to challenge yourself to overcome or master, I would love to hear what it is and see how I can help you.

Oh… if you’re interested in learning the tool and strategies I use to help me master the mindset and skill set needed to build a successful business… you can click on the link below and request access to the same FREE 10 day training I used to change my business… AND you can even share it with anyone you like!

Until next time… Make Today Awesome!


Susan Komoto

Susan Komoto

Susan's passion is mentoring others who have a burning desire to succeed, an unwavering commitment to their personal and business development, and are eager to implement proven methods to build their online businesses; utilizing strategically delivered inspiration, motivation, and education ensuring both mindset and skill-set are primed for building a business and life they love!

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