#LearningOutLoud… Do you work your business like a business or a hobby? – Susan Komoto

#LearningOutLoud… Do you work your business like a business or a hobby?

TODAY I would like to begin with a question. And there’s no right or wrong answer. The response is entirely up to you and is meant to clarify your purpose.

Do you work your business like a business or a hobby?

If you’re working it like a hobby, and getting the results you want… awesome sauce. This industry is designed to be worked around your life, in whatever terms that may mean for you. So, if you want your business to be your hobby, and you’re happy with that… I’m happy for you! ☺

The rest of this post is intended for those who work their business as a business, or who at least desire to work it as a business (even if you’re not quite there yet).

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Ok, good. You’re back. 😉

If one of my team members comes to me for guidance in this area (activity versus results), one of the first things I ask them is this… Does your activity match your mindset and what you want your paycheck to reflect? Your results have everything to do with how you run your business. Not how you think you’re running your business… but how you are truly running it once you take off your rose-colored glasses and comparing your results with your activity with 100% honesty.

I’m sure you’ve heard this 100 time before, but it’s worth stating the obvious again…

If you work it like a business, it will pay you like a business. If you work it like a hobby, it will pay you like a hobby.

Check out today's video to hear the difference in the results I experienced within my own business when I treated like a hobby, and when I decided to treat it like a business. Pretty incredible. 🙂 

At the end of the day, I started this business to help people and build relationships. I desired to provide people with a solution to the issues they were seeking help for. We find needs and fill them. We solve problems.

Yes, the products are amazing, and the perks that go along with them speak for themselves but this industry (regardless of which company) provides people with other unforeseen opportunities that they may not have had before.

It provides SAHM with the opportunity to find herself again. It provides single moms with the opportunity to stay at home with her kids instead of working 2 jobs just to cover childcare.

If done properly, and viewed correctly, this industry can be about helping people… rather than selling to people.

And of course it depends on the particular company you’ve partnered with, but many companies and individual leaders go above and beyond the provision of goods and services to help fund missions, adoptions, microfinancing for women in business in underserved countries, launching new or supporting existing non-profit organizations doing life-changing work, providing people with the financial freedom and freedom of time to focus on their true calling.

It can be a beautiful thing to watch someone connect with their true calling in life simply because they found a way to have the freedom and flexibility they needed to make that a reality! 🙂

"You will be the most tempted to quit when you are closest to your calling." - Steven Furtick

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So… how do you know if you’re operating out of a business or hobby mindset?

1. Do you only work when you feel like it? Do you do the easy stuff first? Do you dabble and work only when it’s fun, easy, and comfortable? Successful businesses have business hours. Business hours may vary, but the work is still tended to with intention and purpose during dedicated times. Try marking off the tasks you like the least, first. Stay focused. Just say no to scrolling through facebook. Work even when you don’t feel like it. Challenge yourself to complete your income producing activities no matter what obstacles are thrown your way each day.

2. Do you have consistency in your business? Consistency is the key to attracting new customers and consultants. Being consistent helps your audience know you are open for business. Consistency creates trust and people do business with people they know, like, and trust. Don’t give yourself and out to quit when the going gets tough. What if you treated your corporate job like your business? Would you not show up to work just because you had a bad day the day before, or you decided you really want to do something else instead? Of course not! You would loose your job! Apply the same commitment and mindset to your business as you would your corporate job. I’ll say it again… don’t give yourself an out. Be consistent. Stay the course. Don’t fluctuate activity from day to day based on emotion. Be emotionally committed, 100%!

3. Do you have proven systems in place to help you with recruiting and prospecting? Do you have specific goals in mind when working your business? Or are you just throwing something out there and seeing what sticks? You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. There are slews of leaders who have been generous enough to share what’s working for them. Take the time to identify what you really want out of your business and set specific goals in place for what you need to do every day, week, month, quarter, and year tyo help you reach your ultimate goal.

"Not everyone believes in her, and not everyone supports her, but her God goes with her, and that's what sustains her." ~Anon.

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So… how did you answer these questions? Are you running your business as a business or a hobby? Are you happy with the results your achieving by completing the activities you’re completing? If so… awesome! Nothing makes me happier than seeing people who are completely fulfilled in their work, killing it in their business, with plenty of time left over to chase after their true calling. If that’s not the case for you… if you aren’t happy with your results or your activities, I challenge you to have a heart to heart with yourself and see what adjustments need to be made. And if you’re not sure… ask for help!

At the end of the day… if what you’re doing every day is your true passion in life… your true calling…. and you are fulfilled and content… keep on keeping on. BUT… if you’re not passionate about what you do… if you’re miserable and simply watching the days tick past… don’t waste another second of your time. It’s up to you to make the decision to keep doing what your doing or to move in a new direction. It’s up to you to make a change.

In the words of Leslie Zann…

“Remember, you don’t need 40 hours a week to be wildly successful in this profession. It’s what you do in the hours you have!

And what you do is a reflection of your commitment, your courage and your MENTALITY!

If you want a hobby … go get one! Have fun dabbling with direct selling … or sing, dance, craft, travel, play an instrument or ride a horse.

But if you want to live up to your unlimited potential … and that of your Direct Selling business … then find the joy when working and harness a ‘business mentality.’

Don’t treat your business like a hobby. Don’t confuse the two. There is simply too much at stake! And your time is now!”

I hope you found this helpful. If so, please like, comment, or share with those you feel may benefit from hearing this.

AND if there is an area YOU want to challenge yourself to overcome or master, I would love to hear what it is and see how I can help you.

Oh… if you’re interested in learning the tool and strategies I use to help me master the mindset and skill set needed to build a successful business… you can click on the link below and request access to the same FREE 10 day training I used to change my business… AND you can even share it with anyone you like!

Until next time… Make Today Awesome!


Susan Komoto

Susan Komoto

Susan's passion is mentoring others who have a burning desire to succeed, an unwavering commitment to their personal and business development, and are eager to implement proven methods to build their online businesses; utilizing strategically delivered inspiration, motivation, and education ensuring both mindset and skill-set are primed for building a business and life they love!

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